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CCFL Notice

Now that Youths and Women’s Divisions are about to commence, the Committee would like to remind clubs that each team can contact the league with a view to one weekend off before and after the Christmas shutdown. These requests must be 14 days in advance in order to comply with the agreed process for seeking such days off. Late requests cannot be acceded to, as fixtures are locked down with divisional managers and referees up to 14 days in advance and the logistics surrounding late changes can prove too  difficult.
Also, a very important reminder to all clubs in relation to sock colours on match days. FIFA rules state that teams cannot wear the same colour socks during games. In the event of a clash of colours, the home team must provide alternative coloured socks. Match officials may not officiate in games where such clashes occur so it is imperative that all teams have an alternative set of sock colouring on each match day. In the event where games are not played due to this issue being reported by the appointed match official, disciplinary action may be applied.