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**FAI Referee Beginner Course** Midlands

We are looking for expressions of interest for a Referees course to be held in Tullamore on Saturday November 13th.  

If you know someone that maybe interested in  becoming a referee, please pass this on as soon as possible.

Can you please complete the form below if you are interested in. becoming a referee.

Please see some frequently asked questions below.

Who can become a referee?

Anyone aged 16 and above. The courses are open to men and women and all you need is enthusiasm, commitment and a wiliness to learn. If you want to reach the top the younger you are the better but former players can continue to remain within the game and retain their involvement.

How do I start?

The course is 15 hours long and is usually run over a weekend. There is an emphasis on practical and interactive participation and is intended for those who intend to actively participate as referees. They are held locally throughout the year. For information on upcoming Referee Beginners Courses in Cork, Dublin, Limerick and Mayo open the links at the end of this page.

Is there an examination to pass?

Yes, there is a 20 question multiple choice test. This part of your training ensures that you have a good understanding of the Laws of the Game. You will also learn the practical aspects of being a referee such as how to signal, take up correct positioning and so on.

When will I be able to commence refereeing?

As soon as you pass your course and Garda Vetting clearance has been received, you will be allocated to a local league, either of your preference or one suitable for you as a Beginner Referee. Local Observers will help coach you in your early games and membership of the local branch of the Irish Soccer Referee Society is available should you wish to join.

How can I become a top referee?

Obviously you need to have ability but you are also required to be fit, enthusiastic, willing to learn and be part of the refereeing team in your area. You are required to attend mandatory local workshops and seminars every year that keep you up to date in the latest referee techniques. Your local FAI Referee Observer will nominate you for more challenging matches as you gain experience and expertise, and may lead to an improved classification for you.