Youth youthdevelopment

Soccer scholarships

The CCFL made further progress on their Youth Development Strategy by recently creating links with Athlone & Carlow Institutes of Technology.

The objective of creating this link is to allow CCFL Players to further their education whilst at the same time availing of top class Soccer scholarships.

The format is different for each College and details are summarised below.

Athlone IT Summary of entry details

An open trial will be held at the Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) on Saturday 5th January on the AIT campus from 10am-4pm, for Soccer players intending to attend the Institute from September 2013.

Athlone Town FC have signed up as partners with AIT for Scholarships that attract students to both AIT and Athlone Town FC, but prospective Scholarship Students need not be attached to Athlone Town FC and can continue to play with their current CCFL Team and be considered for an ‘AIT only’ Soccer Scholarship.

The CCFL Executive has secured a separate trial for Players attached to the CCFL Interleague squad. Eamonn Brady Interleague Manager highlighted the co-operation of Mr.Gordan Brett, Sport & Recretration Manager of AIT in agreeing to the separate trial and noted that this confirmed the status which Players who make the CCFL Interleague Squad are held.

Interested player’s should complete the attached application form and return it to AIT Soccer Facilitator Maz Sweeney by email

Carlow IT Summary of entry details

Youths divisional Manager Eamonn Brady discussed the Carlow IT course with Mr.Luke Hardy former FAI Development Officer for Laois/Offaly who advised Players must in the 1st instance apply through the CAO System, he noted that they recently had a player signed to a top cross channel premiership club.

Details of the different Soccer courses offered at Carlow IT which is run by the FAI in conjunction with Carlow IT are outlined below,

CW827 (Three Year Level 7 BA Sport and Exercise Soccer)

CW858 (Four Year Level 8 BA Hons Sports Management and Coaching

If CCFL Player’s are interested in attending Carlow IT in September 2013, then they should apply on the CAO ASAP.

Eamonn Brady stated that the CCFL Executive are very excited by this new development which is in keeping with the CCFL Youths Strategy by seeking to provide opportunities to young talented CCFL players which would not have being available before now, he also advised that the Executive intend to build on this aspect of the Strategy in the coming Years.