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2013 Macron Cup

The CCFL continues to promote Youths Football in line with its Youths Strategy, by entering a Team in this Years Macron Cup which will take place in Salthill-Devon’s fantastic facility at Drom, just outside Galway City off the main Galway to Clifden Road.

This Years Youths Manager Tony O’Sullivan has prepared the team expertly over the last 2 months and expects the squad to perform to a very high standard, in a very tough group which includes Salthill Devon, Finn Harps and Regional Utd.

The tournament runs from the 7th -10th August, the draw and match timetable is set out below and the Committee would encourage people to try and lend support to the players and team Management.

Salthill Devon 1996 -v- Regional Utd – Weds 7th 10.40am

CCFL -v- Finn Harps – Weds 7th 11.50am

Salthill Devon 1996 -v- CCFL – Weds 7th 5.55pm

Regional Utd -v- Finn Harps – Weds 7th 5.55pm

Salthill Devon 1996 -v- Finn Harps – Thurs 8th 2.25pm

Regional Utd -v- CCFL – Thurs 8th 2.25pm



Semi-final 1: 1A -v- 2B – Fri 9th 1pm

Semi-final 2: 2A -v- 1B – Fri 9th 1pm

Playoff – Sat 10th 3.35pm

Final – Sat 10th 3.50pm



Semi-final 1: 3A -v- 4B – Fri 9th 1pm

Semi-final 2: 4A -v- 3B – Fri 9th 1pm

Final – Sat 10th 3.35pm

Playoff – Sat 10th 3.35pm