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Child Protection CCFL

First Steps

All clubs that have anyone U18 as players or volunteers need to have a Child Protection/Welfare Officer identified by the 10th of October this persons name should be sent by the secretary of the club to the league secretary Mr Chris Hand via email. The Chairman of the club is responsible for Child Welfare in all clubs and the Child Welfare Officer is the delegate on these matters, this person must make personal contact via email to Sinead Osgood the CCFL Child Welfare Officer.

Every club should ensure their chairman, secretary and all persons in contact with U18s (including management/trainers of senior teams which contain U18 year olds) must have

1)Garda Clearance Forms submitted for all- declaration made to CCFL Child Welfare of this via email

2) Code of Ethics  course complete with copies of the certificates in the possession of the Clubs Child Welfare Officer available for inspection.


deadline November 30th 2014 – the league will take sanctions against those who do not comply or engage.



The FAI will begin auditing leagues and clubs in January 2015 – the FAI will be refusing clubs to participate that do not meet these minimum requirements.