Child Welfare

CCFL Child Welfare Officer – Sinead Osgood 083 1554550

FAI website has a lot of resources including the latest forms you need for Garda Clearance

All Clubs Child Welfare/Protection Officer must make contact with Sinead via email This person must provide Sinead with:
a list of persons involved with persons under the age of 18 in the club
a declaration that these persons have a certificate of attendance from a code of ethics (3 hour) course, which they participated in since May 2014
a list of those who have received Garda Clearance
It is suggested that a excel table with: Name: Position in Club: Garda Clearance(Yes or No): Code of Ethics (Yes or No) Columns(across the top) are used

The deadline for submission of these details to Sinead is the 30th November 2014.

All Managers and trainers/assistants of teams where any person is U18 must comply.

Any Child Welfare Officers who receive resistance must contact Sinead Osgood or James Kelly for assistance remember the Club Charirman is responsible for Child Welfare/Protection in the Club.

This is necessary to comply with FAI Rule 72.