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Clonbonny FC 11-a-side Tournament

Clonbonny FC 11-a-side Tournament
Group A Group B Group C Group D
Team 1 Team 1 Team 1 Team 1
Team 2 Team 2 Team 2 Team 2
Team 3 Team 3 Team 3 Team 3
Each team plays the other teams in their group
Group A Group B Group C Group D
Team 1 v Team 2 Team 1 v Team 2 Team 1 v Team 2 Team 1 v Team 2
Team 1 v Team 3 Team 1 v Team 3 Team 1 v Team 3 Team 1 v Team 3
Team 2 v Team 3 Team 2 v Team 3 Team 2 v Team 3 Team 2 v Team 3
Top 2 qualify to winners section
Winners Section
Winner Section Quarter Finals Semi Final Final
1st Group A V 2nd Group B
Winner 1st Playoff
1st Group B v 2nd Group C
1st Group C v 2nd Group D
Winner 2nd Playoff
1st Group D v 2nd Group A
Bottom team goes into losers section
Losers Section
Loser Section Semi Final Final
3rd Group A v 3rd Group B
Loser Final
3rd Group C v 3rd Group D
Total 22 Games
60 Mins per Game, so we need to hire pitch for 22hrs in total. 28 mins per half, 4mins

for half time

It will be run over 3 weeks, 7pm – 9pm four nights one week and three nights the

other 2

The finals will then be played on a Sunday 28th July. Loser final at 3 pm, Winner

final at 4pm

Following the final, the presentation will be in Dans Tavern with music by

Ginger Biscuits from 6pm.

Dates: All completed in July
Mon 8th – Thur 11th: 7pm to 9pm 8 hrs
Tue 16th – Thur 18th: 7pm to 9pm 6hrs
Tue 23rd – Thur 25th: 7pm to 9pm 6hrs
Sun 28th : 3pm – 5pm 2hrs
Total 22hrs
Rules and Conditions
Referee is €20 per game
16 players per squad, use as many subs as you want but ref must be informed and

ball must be out of play.

If teams are level on points, group will be decided by, firstly, most goals scored, then

fewest goals conceded, then by best discipline record (2pts for red, 1pt for yellow)

Red card results in 1 game suspension, more if the offence is deemed to by of a

serious nature and will be decided on a case by case basis.

3 yellow cards results in a 1 game suspension.
Drawn games decided by sudden death penalty shoot out at knock out stages,

including finals,  no extra time!

Each team is responsible for their own insurance
If teams are involved in other tournaments we will do our best to facilitate them,

ie, tailor the schedule to accommodate them if possible.

Due to the nature of the complex and booking schedule the following rules

have to apply:

1 goal penalty for every 5 mins a team is late
Time will be deducted from game time in order for tournament to run smoothly and

within slots assigned to each game.

Entry fee is €180 per team
The first 12 payments made to a Clonbonny FC committee member gets the places