Code of Conduct



  1. Match venue to be properly prepared (i.e. markings, nets, corner flags etc.) in sufficient time to allowMATCH OFFICALS to inspect same, prior to kick-off.
  2. Competing teams to arrive at match venue in adequate time for inspection by MATCH OFFICIALS.
  3. MATCH OFFICIALS to be paid full match fee prior to kick-off (not in small coinage)
  4. Match cards must in all cases be filled in with full names of each player in Block Capitals andsigned by each player opposite their own number worn on the day, players date of birth must also be entered on the card in the space provided before kick-off in the presence of the MATCH OFFICIAL.
  5. Requirements for Match Day

Proper pitch markings (wet lime or spray paint)

Goalposts (2) and Nets (2)

Four corner flags (minimum five feet high)

Two playable FIFA approved match balls

Proper playing surface

First aid kit

16 Numbered shirts

16 Pairs of nicks (matching)

16 Pairs of socks (matching)


Proper access to ground


Any other items that the Executive Committee may deem necessary.


The Referees card must be properly completed before the game.


The Referee must receive prompt payment in accordance with the fees laid down.


In cup competitions home team failing to provide a playable ground shall forfeit home advantage. 

  1. All matches must start on time.
  2. Clubs are responsible for their supporters as well as their players for every game.
  3. On match days before, during and after the game Match Officials must be treated with the utmost respect by players, officials and supporters of competing teams.
  4. Any violent conduct, offensive, insulting, abusive language and misconduct before, during or after a match by players, officials and supporters reported to the league by MATCH OFFICALS shall be severely dealt with by the disciplinary committee.


  1.  Assaults on Referees     

A player whom the referee has reported as guilty of assault on him before, during or immediately after a match will automatically stand suspended until the first disciplinary hearing of the League has decided upon the case and notified the parties involved by post of their decision. In this context spitting at the referee is regarded as an assault. The minimum suspension of a player found guilty by a disciplinary body of assaulting a referee will be 12 months.      


Any club found to be in breach of the CCFL code of conduct shall be subject to sanctions as laid out by the League.