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Garda Vetting Information

Note to clubs from the FAI

We have been receiving queries in relation to the Garda vetting/safeguarding requirements for adults working or volunteering in soccer. The information below is to clarify the position. It is important that this information is shared with all clubs in your league.

Garda Vetting

Please note that an individual must be Garda vetted for each particular role they fulfil in a club/league/affiliate e.g. if an individual is both a secretary and a coach they must be vetted for both roles.

When completing the vetting form multiple roles can be named on the one form. If however an individual has been vetted for a role and subsequently takes up a new role within the club/league etc. they must be vetted for that new role, so a separate form must be completed.

Please ensure that the appropriate vetting is in place for all relevant individuals within your clubs/league.

Safeguarding 1 Online Refresher Course:

A safeguarding certificate lasts for three years from the date of completion of the course. An individual can complete an online Sport Ireland refresher course 3 years after completing a face to face course. Once the online course has been completed and proof printed off and attached to the original face to face safeguarding certificate, this will be valid for a further 3 years. When this expires a face to face course must be completed again.

Attached below is a link to the Sport Ireland refresher course: