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Important note to Clubs

There have been a number of enquiries from teams in relation to players serving suspensions with A and B teams in respective Divisions where grading permits players to play in those divisions. There is no specific rule in the CCFL rules and constitution which covers this so in this case we revert to the FAI rule as set out below (rule 115.5).
Rule 5. In all other matches played under the auspices of the FAI an expulsion automatically incurs a one match suspension from the next Domestic Competitive Match. A Player sent from the field of play shall serve an automatic suspension at the same level of football i.e. a Player sent from the field of play in a 1st team fixture may not serve an automatic suspension in a reserve team fixture or U19 fixture and vice-versa.
Also, as all clubs are aware we re-aligned our rules and constitution this year to meet with FIFA rules in relation to the use of matching gear. We have appealed to clubs over the past number of years to ensure that there is no clash of socks (or jersey’s as was always the case). By inserting the rule into the CCFL rules and constitution we signalled our intent to ensure we were in compliance with this directive from FIFA. While we are currently formatting this years applications and will be circulating all club colours and information over the coming weeks, it is imperative that club secretaries should contact each other ahead of listed games in the interim to ensure that there is no clash of colours. Where an officials refuses to allow a game to proceed on the basis of a clash of sock colours disciplinary action will be taken against the home team for breech of rule 7.3

7. Membership

In the event of two clubs registering the same colours, the home club must change when the clubs meet in competition. This includes two clubs wearing the same coloured tops and socks. In the event of the match being a semi-final, final, or any match being played at a neutral venue the choice of colours shall be decided by a coin toss.

If your club has any queries on the above please contact the Committee.