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Isrs Midland Branch ……….Chairty Match & Family Fun day

Chairty Match & Family Fun day
on Saturday 11th July,

We have 3 matches on up first we have Athlone Acedamy Team will play a young team from Dublin called lourdes Celtic.. this is going to be a good game with two great teams..

Then up the Isrs Midland Branch Referee will play the Isrs RoscommonReferee’s, the Roscommon Branch lost last year on penaltys, this year this will be played for the Brefni Rowan memoral Cup, going to be funny.. can these referees actually play football..

Then Athlone Town Legends will play the CCFL Legends..

This is going to be a great match.. there is some great players playing i remember shouting from the stand In St Mels Park at some of these.. the ccfl will have a strong team with some real legends from the town…

John stacey will be refereeing this game…

Off the pitch there’s loads happening..

Facepainting Bouncing Castles Irish dancing Penalty shoot out Animal farm raffles and much more.. going to be a great day.. and more important it’s for a great cause. .

Please come down and show your support for this great chairty