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LFA Junior Cup_Shield_Over 35 Dates 2012-13

O Neills LFA Junior Cup / Shield/Over 35 Dates 2012-13
Closing Date for Entries:  September 1st 2012
Junior Cup First Round: 22nd/23rd September
Junior Shield First Round 13th/14th October
Over 35 Cup First Round 13th/14th October
Junior Cup Second Round: 20th/21st October
LFA Senior Cup Round 1: End of October
Junior Shield Second Round 3rd/4th November
Over 35 Cup Second Round 3rd/4th November
Junior Cup Third Round 10th/11th November
Junior Shield Third Round 24th/25th November
Over 35 Cup Third Round 24th/25th November
LFA Senior Cup Round 2: End of November
Junior Cup Fourth Round 1st/2nd December
Junior Shield Fourth Round 8th/9th December
Junior Shield Fifth Round 12th/13th January
Junior Cup Fifth Round 19th/20th January
LFA Senior Cup Round 3: End of January
Junior Cup Sixth Round 2nd/3rd February
Junior Shield Sixth Round 9th/10th February
Over 35 Cup Quarter Final 9th/10th February
Junior Cup Seventh Round 23rd/24th February
LFA Senior Cup Round 4: End of February
Junior Shield Quarter Finals 2nd/3rd March
Over 35 Cup Semi Finals 2nd/3rd March
Junior Cup Quarter Finals 23rd/24th March
Junior Shield Semi Finals 30th/31st March
LFA Senior Cup Quarter Finals:  
Over 35 Cup Final 6th/7th April
Junior Cup Semi Finals 13th/14th April
Junior Shield Final 21st April
LFA Senior Cup Semi Finals: End of April
Junior Cup Final 5th May
LFA Senior Cup Final: End of May