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Youths Cup Competitions 2013/14

Youths Cup Competitions 2013/14


All CCFL Youths Clubs are asked to register their interest in entering a team for the  Cup competitions outlined below by the 18th February 2014.


  • U17 Cup
  • U18 Cup
  • U19 Cup


  • All Teams can enter a team in a Cup competition 1 Year over their age current age bracket.


  • Players who currently play in the u18 League will be eligible to play in the u17 Cup, Payers who currently play in the u19 League will be eligible to play in the u18 Cup(s), once they are the correct age.


  • If a Club enter 2 or more teams in the same Cup Competitions, then they must email each separate panel to the Divisional Manager Eamonn Brady prior to the start of the respective competition, failure to do so will leave both teams open to sanctions up to and including expulsion from the Competition.


  • Each round of the Cup competition may be held over 2 legs on a home & away basis, therefore all Clubs are asked to consider the potential that they may encounter a fixture backlog by entering more then one Cup.


  • A plate Competition may be held, the format and selection of Teams eligible for the Plate will be decided by the Committee.


  • The Final’s will be held at a Neutral venue.


  • Please EMAIL Eamonn Brady Divisional Manager setting out what competitions you wish to enter.


  • The final decision on the Cups & Secondary Youths Competition formats will be decided by the Committee and communicated to Clubs, prior to Cup & Plate draws.